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nicholasfainlight-profilepicNicholas Fainlight is fascinated by economic trends. He gets a lot of this information from reading the Wall Street Journal and keeping up with Bloomberg.

When he was young, Fainlight’s mother and his uncles worked in the finance business. He also lived in an area outside of New York City where a lot of people keep track of banking and finance news. Nicholas followed suit, keeping an eye on economic trends. He continued on this path, taking economics classes in junior high and high school. Fainlight continues to study finance and is now working towards a career in this field. He even has an internship coming up in the finance sector of a marketing firm.

Nicholas Fainlight loves studying economics because he is getting a broad spectrum of experience rather than looking at spreadsheets all day everyday. He is getting a holistic experience by learning business law and taking a number of classes in different areas within finance. Fainlight has a knack for monitoring trends within economics. This carries into a number of areas from the futures trading to sports finance to the oil market.

Fainlight is passionate about futures trading. Futures trading is aptly named: it’s about predicting the market in the future. These predictions are made based on past market trends. In futures trading, you make a bet on whether or not a stock, currency or valuation will change. You can put money on a valuation going up, or even on a specific number that the value will reach. What he loves about futures trading is how unpredictable and exciting it can be. It is not like buying bonds, an activity that essentially allows your money to sit there and grow. Futures trading involves staying up to date on the market.

Nicholas Fainlight is also intrigued by the valuation of corporations and sports teams. He thinks it is quite arbitrary that an economist decides how much a sports team or company is worth, and that this decision can forever alter the team or company’s future. While this strikes Fainlight as odd, he likes to follow it because it is interesting how volatile this market is. If a company buys a plant, or a team buys a stadium, the company or team’s valuation can double in a day. Just as he loves the unpredictability of futures trading, Nicholas takes an interest in how suddenly things can change in the market for sports teams and companies.

Nicholas Fainlight also studies the oil market. There is a lot of talk about whether or not alternative markets such as solar panels are getting more prominent. This is a risky market, and many people are hesitant to put funds into solar panel manufacturers. It is nearly impossible to predict whether the cost of solar panels and other alternatives will increase. Fainlight finds it fascinating to see what companies are betting on and how much they’re willing to put into industries like solar panels. There is a lot of risk, but also a lot of reward when putting money into this industry. Nicholas Fainlight’s analysis of trends shows that people are starting to notice that.

As a passionate finance student, Nicholas Fainlight loves keeping track of finances and the trends that impact our economy so strongly.

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