Every career has its merits and any industry has great positives. The most important aspect of choosing what you want your future career to be is finding something you feel passionate about and you’ll actually enjoy doing in the upcoming years. However, it’s also important to choose a career path that leads to viable options and sets you up for success, whatever that means to you. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance, but aren’t entirely sure it’s exactly what you want to do or think it might not be the best option, here are some reasons you should seriously consider pursuing a career in finance and getting into the industry.

Variety of jobs

Whether you’re interested in working at a bank, on Wall Street, or as a financial planner, there’s a variety of options for the career path you’d like to take in finance. You can decide what other skills you have and what type of finance job best caters to those talents and interests. Try to get internships with a variety of finance companies and professionals to see what you’d like to try out.

Further your education

In finance, there are ample opportunities to further your education, formally and informally. You can teach yourself new aspects of finance and constantly follow developments or you can head back to school and get other degrees or certifications that benefit your career.

Opportunity for growth

In addition to furthering your education, there are plenty of opportunities for growth within the finance industry. Even as you start out at an entry-level job, there are going to be job openings that allow you to branch out into other positions and companies as your career grows. You have pretty good job security and will develop a variety of skills that make you a stronger employee.

Good salaries

For most professionals in finance, by a certain point in their careers, they’re earning steady salaries that are good. While you might have to put in long hours for entry-level pay at the beginning of your career, if you actually enjoy what you’re doing and stick with it, you’ll see that hard work pay off.

Regularly challenges you

The finance industry is always changing, so there are constantly new developments that professionals must famliarize themselves with. As laws change, finance changes as well. As a professional is finance, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what affects your industry and specific focus. It’ll be challenging, but also interesting.

Balance your lifestyle

As your career progresses, you’ll likely have the chance to begin making your own schedule and working independently. You might even become an entrepreneur and start your own business. The possibilities are endless when working in finance, so you can certainly find a career that suits your preferred lifestyle.

You’ll help others
One of the best parts of finance that many people do not talk about is that you’ll have the opportunity to help others, especially if you go into financial advising. Being able to help others manage their finances, make smart investments, or get out of debt feels incredibly rewarding.