If you’re going to be in finance, you’re going to have to read. A lot. As a student, I am inundated in fundamental texts on a daily basis, but textbooks set aside, there is just a lot of reading that goes into the job—pouring over reports, staring at data to identify trends, drafting up proposals and strategies—the works. That’s why I appreciate being able to approach learning from a different tac. The tac of podcasts. Here are four of my current favorite finance podcasts. If you have recommendations others than the one’s I’ve listed, I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Planet Money

If you’re going to write a blog about finance podcasts to listen to, you would be remiss to not include Planet Money. It’s an NPR production, so you can bet that it dives in deep, while also still being approachable. Unlike other podcasts on this list, Planet Money is solely focused on personal finance. Some episodes may focus on personal finance, but the overall scope of the show focuses on news and events in the finance world–with an interesting twist. Ever wonder why truffle mushrooms are so expensive? Or how ISIS keeps its books? Planet Money has you covered.

Stacking Benjamins

If you got Joe Saul-Sehy and a bunch of other personal finance superstars into one room (or basement) and had them talk shop about how they got to where they are, the result would be Stacking Benjamins. Saul-Sehy brings a wonderful range of knowledge and experiences, having many years of experience as a financial adviser. In brief, he’s the perfect guide to walk you through the world of finance. You’ll get applicable personal finance tips, inspiring anecdotes, and just plain fun banter.

Your Money Matters

Want to stay up-to-date with the biggest finance news, while also figuring out how that affects you? The Wall Street Journal‘s Your Money Matters will help you do that and in only 5-8 minutes. Each episode will more or less focus on one issue with a number of special guests weighing in with their own opinions. Your Money Matters is a well-rounded, concise Podcast that you could easily listen to every day.

What finance podcasts do you listen to?

Nicholas Fainlight